Our photographic unit comprises a lightweight mast, which rises either from our versatile 4x4 vehicle - as shown - or from a collapsible tripod, enabling access to virtually any location. A high quality digital camera is mounted on the mast, which can be rotated through 360 degrees and tilted remotely. Our photographer views a real-time image direct through the eye of the camera via the laptop computer below. The state of the art software provides full control of all the camera's functions, including zoom, ensuring perfect imaging every time!

This unique photographic service allows us to take photographs from heights ranging between 2.3 metres (8ft) and 15.7 metres (55ft). As a general guide, this means that we can take aerial photos of buildings upto 4 stories high.

We carry both wide angle and telephoto lenses to suit all applications. Whether you need a panoramic shot or a finely detailed close-up, we have the equipment to deliver.

We can also provide a full range of supporting services. From our vehicle we can offer high quality A4 sized prints, but we can also offer a wide range of reprographic & printing services to meet your every need.

If you think we could help you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Key Information

=Mast Height - Upto 15.7m (approx 55ft)
=High quality images available immediately
=Versatile 4x4 photographic unit
=Prints available on location
=Time lapse available
=Mast can be used away from the vehicle where vehicular access is limited
in construction...
for marketing...
in print...
client msquared creative communications ltd
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qcreative applicationsq
Our brief on this project was to recreate the view from a "yet to be completed" penthouse flat for marketing purposes. This high level panoramic shot featured on a marketing brochure and prompted this response from the client:
the shots were brilliant! Thanks so much -really pleased with them and they work well on the spread."
client the outdoor toy company
We can offer a "time lapse" service to homebuilders - returning to photograph the project progress at intervals specified by the client. This provides a unique record of a project from start to finish.
for the architect...
We have provided brochure material for many leading property marketing companies. We are also able to offer a professional design & print service for your convenience.
For architects we can recreate drawn perspectives. See your design concept come to fruition! Or perhaps you need high level images for the basis of a computer visualisation.
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